Theater of the Mind


Imagine Air Theater is a troupe of actors and writers working together remotely to overcome the constraints of the pandemic.


We tell stories of the world as it might have been, the world as it could be. Sometimes inspiring tales, sometimes cautionary tales.


The series was created by Terry Phillips.

Powered By your mind


Imagine Air Theater takes place in the magical world between your ears. What you hear is what you see.


There is no limit to what can happen on the stage of imagination.

audio plays


Imagine Air Theater is inspired by classic radio programs from the 1930s and 1940s with a touch of anthology television shows like The Twilight Zone.


Each episode is a short play complete with music and sound effects.

Tomorrow's Stories Today


Imagine Air Theater has the feel of yesterday, with stories about today — and a glimpse into what may lie ahead. Think of it as futuristic nostalgia.


These plays run the gamut from serious dramas to dark comedies.

About Us

From the Terry Phillips archives

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International Focus

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